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Junte de tecnológicos nos trae la Tablet SecuTablet

La Tablet SecuTablet es el junte de BlackBerry, IBM  y Samsung en el cuál se había adelantado que este anuncio estaba pendiente.

Recordarán que hace poco, la subsidiaria de BlackBerry, Secusmart, había anunciado que tenía un anuncio pendiente luego que este, IBM y Samsung estuvieran en conjunto ...

La Tablet SecuTablet es el junte de BlackBerry, IBM  y Samsung en el cuál se había adelantado que este anuncio estaba pendiente.

Recordarán que hace poco, la subsidiaria de BlackBerry, Secusmart, había anunciado que tenía un anuncio pendiente luego que este, IBM y Samsung estuvieran en conjunto con nuevo acuerdo, parte de las reuniones que Samsung ha tenido también en el pasado con la canadiense BlackBerry.

Pues este fin de semana, se reveló durante el evento de CeBIT 2015 en Alemania, las empresas anunciaron sorpresivamente una nueva Tablet llamada SecuTablet e incluye las siguientes especificaciones:

  • Pantalla de 10.5 pulgadas Super-AMOLED con 2560x1600 de resolución.

  • Procesador Exynos 5420 octa-core.

  • 3GB de RAM.

  • Cámara trasera de 8MP.

  • Cámara frontal de 2.1MP.

Como es OBVIO, la Tablet no es para los consumidores ya BlackBerry se centra de lleno en el mercado empresarial con ella y aunque el proyecto ya había como tal comenzado antes que BlackBerry comprara a Secusmart, lo cierto es que la Tablet será dirigida al mercado de las agencias públicas, empezando con Alemania ya que parte del software con Android tendrá una fuerte énfasis en la seguridad.

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SecuTABLET provides high-security mobile communication for national and international authorities.

Düsseldorf – Secusmart, a BlackBerry company, is presenting with IBM at CeBIT 2015, the SecuTABLET, a high-security tablet based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. With the new secure tablet for national and international public sector markets and enterprises, data that is subject to special security requirements can be used on the move. Personal applications or those that are not additionally secured, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp, can also be used.

The solution is undergoing certification at the German Federal Office for Information Security for the German VS-NfD (classified – for official use only) security rating.

The SecuTABLET is a new, secure tablet that supplements the SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 portfolio and can be seamlessly integrated into existing SecuSUITE infrastructures.

"Security is ingrained in every part of BlackBerry's portfolio, which includes voice and data encryption solutions," said Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO of Secusmart GmbH, a BlackBerry company. "National and international government customers have entrusted their voice and data communications with the Secusmart Security Card for years. This same technology is what secures the new SecuTABLET. Working alongside IBM and Samsung, we have added the last link in the chain of the Federal Security Network. Subject to certification of the SecuTABLET, German government agencies will have a new way to access BlackBerry's most secure and complete communications network in the world."

Joint expertise for global security of communication

The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study on Mobility Impact notes that 63 percent of public sector respondents would appreciate mobile access to their specialized applications like budget and controlling. These data are subject to special security requirements. Access via conventional mobile devices is ruled out.

"The SecuTABLET closes a supply gap and opens up for government and administrations an opportunity to derive greater benefit from digitization and the mobile Internet, with system integration as a fundamental success factor," said Stefan Hefter, Senior Management Consultant with IBM. "We have contributed our longstanding expertise as a system integrator for mobile solutions. The technology used to make mobile apps secure by means of so-called wrapping has already proven its worth in the United States."

IBM has provided the secure app wrapping technology for the SecuTABLET, and assists in implementing the high-security solutions by Secusmart within the infrastructures of the various clients inside the governmental sector.

As a BlackBerry company, Secusmart enhances the company's commitment to remaining the leading provider in enterprise mobile security. BlackBerry is the only mobile device management (MDM) vendor that has achieved the "Full Operational Capability" level of certification for operation on U.S. Department of Defense Networks. Furthermore, BlackBerry 10 smartphones were the first to be approved by NATO for classified communications up to "Restricted" level.

Secusmart GmbH (, a BlackBerry company (BlackBerry - NASDAQ: BBRY, TSX:BB), is the leading expert in the development and implementation of comprehensive olutions for protecting businesses and governments from electronic eavesdropping. The Düsseldorf-based company's latest innovation is the high-security SecuTABLET, which has been created with IBM and Samsung for use by national and international government agencies and companies. The anti-eavesdropping app Vodafone Secure Call ensures companies can make secure mobile voice calls regardless of the platform and device being used. Since the start of 2015, one of the solutions for securing communications and protecting companies from corporate espionage has been sold to German business customers by Vodafone Germany, the solution's first marketing and distribution partner. With its SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 high-security solution, Secusmart also protects the mobile communications of German and foreign governments as well as agencies and organisations responsible for providing emergency services.

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La Tablet se venderá en un precio equivalente de $2380.

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