Saturday, March 31, 2012

ReBlog: The End Of An Era? The Harry Potter Legacy

Crawling into my buddy Gabriel on his Tropic Nightmare blog, I found out this short but interesting analysis of the Potter-Mania that ended in 2011. Enjoy!

The End Of an Era? The Harry Potter Legacy

Last night I watched the final chapter of the world wide phenomenon known as the Harry Potter movies. Not only did I left the theater last night with a great sense of satisfaction but with a great feeling of accomplishment. Before you start thinking that I'm just another hardcore Harry Potter fanatic, let me clear something up. I'm by no means a Harry Potter fanatic! But I have great respect for the people who devote themselves to any kind of movies, music, books, art etc. And why is that? Because I get it! Yeah I totally get it, I happen to be a hardcore Metallica fan, I die hard for that band! So to all you Harry Potter Fanatics, from the bottom of my heart I salute you!
But this is not about me  so moving on. Before I explain the reason for my feeling of accomplishment Lets take the following points into consideration:

1. Harry potter is a huge and successful saga of epic proportions. From the moment I watched Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone (first installment) back in 2001, I knew that this was something special. And indeed it was, one by one, each movie topped the previous one and kept the audience in awe.

2. The Harry Potter following is as strong any other. I truly believe that Harry Potter will continue to grow, with countless side novels, video games (an MMO maybe?) etc. The possibilities are endless!

With that in mind, is time to explain the reason for my feeling of accomplishment. I was there! Plain and simple, I watched every movie from the moment they came out. It became a tradition for me to go with my little brother and sister to the movies and watch Harry Potter. I witness Harry Potter become a cultural icon. 
Its not the same feeling when you watch a movie that is already part of a saga and you've to watch the previous ones because you weren't around when it happened. Since I wasn't even born when the Star Wars big bang happened, I wasn't able to experience the same experience that I have with Harry Potter. Now i'm not taking credit away from Star Wars, when it comes to movie sagas, Star Wars is the be all to end all. But Harry Potter has that special place for me (I know...cheezy). 

The Harry Potter movies have come to an end (at least for now), but the legacy will live on in prosperity inside every side novel, every game and every fan. With that said, lets put an end to this blog entry shall we!

Avada Kedavra!


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