Thursday, July 14, 2011

ReBlog: Cyber Hoarding problems anyone?

 Seems that I am getting copycat, I promise that will not be often, but really I am happy that my buddy Gabriel Marquez has joined the blogosphere with his blog Tropic Nightmare. Here is something I found really worthy of a ReBlog.

Cyber Hoarding problems anyone?

So, you think you have serious case of cyber hoarding? Welcome to the club then! Yeah I know its sometimes hard to let go of those files that you might "use in the future", but truth is that time keeps passing by and the files are still occupying space that you could really use.

Today decided to clean up everything and I actually got rid of than 45 GB of memory. Not bad huh? That's right, I just got in there and started deleting stuff with second guessing!

The reason I'm saying this its because I'm gonna give you a couple of tips on how to get rid of all those pointless and annoying files.


I was only getting rod of files that I know that I don't need. Like random pictures, like the ones that you see on the web and save them just to post them some place else. If you have a lot of files that may contain vital information for you, make sure you put them in a file that its out of the cleaning blast radius. With that said lets move on shall we.

  • The first thing you should do is going to your downloads folder. Yes that folder, the one that is always filled all those files that you just don't know what to do with them. JUST LET THEM GO ALREADY!
  • Once you are done with those, go to "My Documents" "My videos" "My pictures" and delete everything that you haven't use in quite some time and that it doesn't contain anything important. (You should at least gotten rid of a couple of GB by now!)
  • Now that we are done with those, its time to delete all those programs that you don't even use. If you are a gamer and you fill like you are lacking space, don't rush yourself to buy a new hard drive! Save the trouble and uninstall all those game that you don't use. Another thing that you wanna look for during this process, are all those promotional trial software that computers come with the moment you buy them. Get rid of those if you don't need them!
  • Only two things left to do are  a disk clean up and a disk dis fragment. Perform this two tasks and BOOM! Your computer has been purge of thousands of unnecessary files!

Now that you are done with all that, lets filled this computer with crap once again! WOOOHOOOOO!


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