Friday, January 21, 2011

Testing…Testing…2011 came, so what’s up?!


I forgot I got a blog?! Sorry for not keeping in touch.

Good news and heck I am happy

I kicked the start of a new year very well. Happily I had made an honest apology to Oriana (BTW, congrats girl, it is your birthday as I am writing this) the very New Year’s Eve night. It was an hour where to friends practically got some 180 degrees turns in event that were not really expected. Beside catching up with each other, we found out, we even could had avoided a full month of non-speaking with each other. We faced the fact that we let our prides get control of the situation which is not good. But this January I saw her for the first time in a month-and-a-half, I just hug her like I haven’t see her in years. We hang out during the Three King’s Day week and the chemistry in our friendship is so well intact.

Other good thing that I started the year well, Jessica and I are on the best terms since starting the relationship two years ago. Time does flies and had been a beauty of a ride. She is everything positive in my life and really I am looking forward to the future. I promise that this year I will give my best to avoid the downs and have more ups for the sanity of our relationship. I just have to be better every day for her, she deserves it.


My little Yia


I was fortunate to spend time with my niece Yianelis. She is very beautiful and very intelligent and she is 2 years old now. Very energic, non-stopping, fun-loving little girl. I recently got my family visit our grandmom at Manatí. She had me running the whole house, not lying, like 9 times and she gets mad when I want to rest as “Hey C’mon!”. But when we rest, she tells you were to sit and she notices the instant you move an inch. Christmas day was pretty special for me. The first time, my family sat in the same house, something that occurred last time in a few years ago. I think this had been the best Christmas season in recent years. My older brother change a bit to the positive way. I wish that he continue improving and mature more about life and the responsibility that he had. I wish also health and blessings to my sister-in-law Arlyn.


Short, but you know that wanted to share in a brief way, how was my Christmas season, hope it went well for y’all.

‘Till next time