Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Week Before Another Year Goes By (2010)


I just can remember every moments from this year…I always say this as another year goes by, quite frankly I think that the pass is speeding up in a rather disturbing rate making me feel old…

Summing the good things, the bad kinda don’t want to say…

Let’s start that I have a stability in my love side with Jessica, whenever she can she have been 100% supportive to me and as I am for her. This is our second year of being a couple and for both this is overwhelming as this is both our first time we endured so much and how long we have been steady. Yesh people asking wedding still WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to come, but will don’t worry. I will let you know.

I had returned to the university after a semi-forced hiatus, second in all my university career. I think I had lost a lot of momentum because of this hiatus in August-November trimester (Fall) and currently as writing this still I am sketching I am gonna keep up a fast pace. I must admit that there certain techniques on studying that are no longer working. Some of them are hard-to-forget bad habits but making a big effort to do it.

Returning home at Trujillo Alto in November really fast the kind of quick and rather unexpected thing that I would do. All started with a stressful Wednesday when my beloved ex-Tercel 92’ decided to give up on me on a very bad moment where even a point my safety was in danger. I think that life ot maybe God act in ways that makes you think that even if you don’t deserve it, at least a help is not that bad. Saying this I am still rather in disbelief that I am a owner of a semi-new car loaned with my own credit and not third person’s. On the family side, my mom and my bro are really supportive, I can say Hector is really happy having me back (although he love to annoy me with the “I told ya this was coming” and “I am always right”). As I mentioned in previous post, 2 years ago I went away to avoid provoking more problems for getting rid of others and people close to me knows what I am referring  but let faces it. Over like 3 months before the Tercel’s breakdown, things were getting like they should be from the very beginning and being and paying a inn was becoming more a luxury than a necessity, just removing the living-close-at-work factor. As I am writing this is being a month and a half already and  can say I will not look back.

Both my grandma’s are getting better every day. Maternal granny is doing a lot better, still her lack of recovery on her voice has me a little annoyed as I know the hospital was a little negligent or did a poor job trying to convince her about getting therapy for getting her voice back and just accept her “no” that my aunt, uncle and me suspect that this was most likely the case after she recovered from her stroke. But she is really like before and it gonna take more than that to take her down. The most successful thing that happened this year is that she saw all her children, My aunt Ali, which she spend time after recovering from the hospital. Aunt Papo who was leaving for Florida with my other uncle Carlos, by the way, he visited her for a week to catch with her. She was happy to see him less thinner and more healthy after the heart attack that he suffered. Paternal grandma confess to me recently that although she is in need of using a support for walk, she is walking on her own at the house, because using those stick had shrunken a side of her body. Unfortunately she need a new type of a 6 month doses of a injection that help her improve her defense. She is kinda tired of the hospital tour every months but she is keeping her best face for her familiy including me my brother and dad. Dad has me worried, he suffered a massive cough attack I say a sever asthma attack with a flu and the man still smoking which I believe it is the ‘cause of his problem. But really I try to spend most time with him and his wife Nancy, although I miss staying at Rio Grande I am happy to see he is trying his best for making a living. God bless them.

My biggest success as a family man is trying to spend time with my niece every time I can. Beauty, intelligence and  innocence are my three word for her that best describe her current stage of life, almost to be a 2 years old. As I said before, she can kick my ass as a baby. I don’t recall any of my family saying I was that smart as she is, calculating and joyful, maybe I was more focused on joyful. She is a great athlete having me run behind her like 9 times through all the house and gets annoyed when I was tired. I would to have more time with her this 2011 as she is just a year away from Pre-Kindergarden, at least that’s the plan as we think she is up to it. Also my sister is almost at success in her career of infirmary, I just hope that this shit of strike at UPR doesn’t screw her plans. Beauty and intelligent hope that this new year may be more success for her, I miss her like no one knows…

Last but not less important are my close friends or what I love to call them, my extended family. Like always my support, my confident my brothers and sisters, Karlo, Jenesther, Luis, Jennifer, Yeris, Pablo, Amarilis, Belty, Braulio, Frank, Christine, Joan, Gaby, Shamo, Yari, Chrystal, William, Leticia, Saul, Eziel, Oriana (We have to talk, still we got to sort a few things, I left uncomfortable the inn and I want to restore completely our friendship it is really painful as a friend all time without not knowing from each other), Michael, Dilia, Zulma, Mojica, Xavier, Deydi, Daimarik, Amalie, Lilia, Adalina (All from PSE of PUPR), Francie, Iris, Jessica (You guys left without saying nothing to me but if it for the best go for it). Thank you for all your support even when there are time that due for my stubbornness I frankly don’t deserve it and even so, you extended your hand, you try to put in my place to understand me and whenever possible you say “yes”. My posse from Wonderful year personally and professionally. The experience has been unique and I know this is just the 35% if I just could arrange more time outside from my university and professional life. Thank you for the opportunity Josue, Hector, Moncho, Ambar, Gonzzo and Nestor. We all rock!

Also to my friends at Banco Santander, first of all, my brother in the mischiefs, Ivan Zapata, thank you for making my unique presence at the office possible and for trusting me to put your credibility on the line so I could have this job that I needed so much. To my friends and colleagues (I’ll try not to forget anyone, if you are not here  and know you should be mentioned, sorry but you too) Carlos, Jesus, Yarelis, Alejandro, Jorge, Waldemar, Juan, Grace, Hailie, Carolyne, Arleen, Karen, Lorna, Alfredo, Gustavo, Perla, Andres, Laura, Kristian, Cristian, Rafael, Suhelly, Sujeiry, Jose, Josue, Wilfredo, Ana, Wesley, Amneris, Noemi, Keren, Jose Colon, Billy, Axel, Luz, Maria, Johana, Jean C, Jean L, Yaimara, Ivan, Xiomara, Tomas, Yashira, Christian and Leslie.


Before logging off…An announcement!

The bad news, I am closing a not so successful section Monthly Geeky from this blog due to time constrain and because the subject is kinda in need to be more elaborated that I was doing. But here is the good news, since a few years ago Frank and I wanted to have our own website where we can cover similar interesting topics and having like a blog news site. Thanks to my experience at and motivated to expand more my presence in the independent journalism, I had decided to stop the talk and begin walking with the plan. Unfortunately can’t issue a date launch but already my team will be compose of Frank, Gaby, Yaris, William, Christine, Joan & Luis for the moment. Sketching will begin during the first month of the year and you can expect BoyGeniusReport concept but add music, sport, fashion and movies. Stay Tuned!

My 25 cents


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Years, Two Lovers, Too Good


Proudly announcing my second anniversary with my girlfriend Jessica Santiago Tapia.


It’s been two years ago that a sweet magical word came from her mouth, it was a beautiful “yes” after I requested to have the honor on being her boyfriend, that was on December 23, 2008. Today I still can’t believe how time pass by and leave us thinking that the pace it is getting fast. But nevertheless, every moment, minute, second spent with you are always the greatest my love, hope you find the most honesty in this written word seen by the world to show my love to you and how proud I am of you and all we have shared this two years. Joy and frustration but we have stood together and not letting the negativity from external forces or individuals ruin what we are constructing.

Jessica I love you and remember that some of my way may be strange, sometime rough and just rude out of my experience of life. But you will see at the end that all I did is for us and hope you understand that sometimes we act in strange ways for love. I hope this new year maybe again full of kindness, love and share every moment with you.

I love you


Jesus Nieves