Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June's Quickie Edition

Quick Post, natural; thing

Update about previous post...
Worry not...Just as I finished my piece of mind yesterday, I was able to talk things and make things clear. Everything was friendly and the person kinda knew that was wrong, maybe taking it the way I did was kinda deep but anyways, we are on good terms and hopefully for good. No, I will not reveal who was the person. I haven't told the person that I did a manifesto online and it kinda unfair to name the person but my freedom of speech will be respected as well. But still a few things that kinda want that the person do for the person's own good.

VAIO almost gave me an heart attack
Unfortunately last night was really frustrating and a big tension I got while dealing with yesterday's situation. My "trusty" laptop which is 1 month and a half old was beginning to emit weird sounds. Apparently this "sound" , is not rare in computing community. Somehow I was falling victim of the Cricket Of Death. This term was popularized in mid-90s after there were reports that hard-drives were having a failure where the disk was having direct contact with the head, damaging beyond repair. There are many factors to have this happened. None of them apply to me, but was really scary. But more scary is that I am forced to send it to a workshop and a change is by decision of the repairmen, not the customer. Now that's what I call failure. Right now I am reconfiguring the whole thing and as far as Im writing this. No sound to report.

Friends missing....because I miss them
Just wanted to have the opportunity to say hi to my friends Karlo, Jenesther, Yeris, Pablo, Luis, Amarilis, Jennifer, Berty, Braulio, Marynellis, Keishla, Cris....I miss you guys very much!

'Till next time.

Whenever you have heard “Stewing in you anger”…?!

Just wanted to get something out of my chest

OK WTF Happened?!
I just question myself about a few things that I really do need to change. I often question myself am I to weak or just plain stupid. It happens that I rarely question helping others, that I know the purpose or I know the problem before hand. Not that I expect any rewards, at least monetary, but I am a person that like to be grateful at things, and also I want the vice-versa effect. What really happened and I am reserving the name and gender of the person, the person knows who it is, although I don’t know if the person reads my blog, probably not but I will confront him/her whenever my mood allows me.

Anyway, I just did a few favor, which I was not forced, nor I should cared, but I did and also reserved the method and what was the problem. And the feedback I received, was not well received the night at the very same day. I just wanted to say hi, and not only the person invited an unknown guy to me, the person was having a personal conversation with him, the person just went “EXCUSE ME” without telling me what’s going on or what happened to be all serious. I just didn’t like it, truthfully I felt utilized, why was hard telling me “I am having a private conversation I talk to you later” or HELL if it so good damn private, why the trouble on just having the door open and close it when I arrived after this happened.

Might be a fool thing to be upset, but the problem is that I am. I hope I can get this thing solve. This kind of thing really teach me to reconsider my way of act with people and really just being this kind of “me” for the right people and not everybody. It is really often in my mind now since the incident, but really I can’t help it, it is my way of feel and I know I can be a little stubborn when I know I am right, but meh….

By the way the title was part of a quote from Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metallica, complaining sometimes about the “Psycho-babbling bullshit” when he questioned the band’s therapist at the time recording St. Anger, Phil Towle, why he has to ask that Lars has to do any opinion on what happened at that moment and feeling that it is better keep things to yourself and “stewing” in your anger. I had been following that kind of thinking since, sometimes works and sometimes don’t but it is worth the try.

Now I am hungry after all that….Weird?!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Change Of Seasons

A Change Of Seasons
Music: Dream Theater
Lyric: Mike Portnoy

I. The Crimson Sunrise 

II. Innocence
I remember a time
My frail, virgin mind
Watched the crimson sunrise
Imagined what it might find
Life was filled with wonder
I felt the warm wind blow
I must explore the boundaries
Transcend the depth of winter's snow
Innocence caressing me
I never felt so young before
There was so much life in me
Still I longed to search for more

But those days are gone now
Changed like a leaf on a tree
Blown away forever
Into the cool autumn breeze
The snow has now fallen
And my sun's not so bright
I struggle to hold on
With the last of my might

In my den of inequity
Viciousness and subtlety
Struggle to ease the pain
Struggle to find the sane
Ignorance surrounding me
I've never been so filled with fear
All my life's been drained from me
The end is drawing near...

III. Carpe Diem
'Carpe diem, seize the day'
I'll always remember
The chill of November
The news of the fall
The sounds in the hall
The clock on the wall ticking away
'Seize the Day'
I heard him say
Life will not always be this way
Look around
Hear the sounds
Cherish your life while you're still around

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying."

We can learn from the past
But those days are gone
We can hope for the future
But there may not be one

The words stuck in my mind
Alive from what I've learned
I have to seize the day
To home I returned

Preparing for her flight
I held with all my might
Fearing my deepest fright
She walked into the night
She turned for one last look
She looked me in the eye
I said, 'I Love You... Goodbye'

"It's the most awful thing you'll
Ever hear."
"If you're lying to me..."
"Oh, you dearly love her."
"... Just have to leave... all our lives."
"Seize the day!"
"Something happened."
"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may."
"She was killed."

IV. The Darkest of Winters

V. Another World
So far or so it seems
All is lost with nothing fulfilled
Off the pages and the TV screen
Another world where nothing's true
Tripping through the life fantastic
Lose a step and never get up
Left alone with a cold blank stare
I feel like giving up
I was blinded by a paradise
Utopia high in the sky
A dream that only drowned me
Deep in sorrow, wondering why

Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what, don't let him be
Let's feed upon his misery
Then string him up for all the world to see

I'm sick of all you hypocrites
Holding me at bay
And I don't need your sympathy
To get me through the day
Seasons change and so can I
Hold on Boy, no time to cry
Untie these strings, I'm climbing down
I won't let them push me away

Oh come let us adore him
Abuse and then ignore him
No matter what, don't let him be
Let's feed upon his misery
Now it's time for them to deal with me

VI. The Inevitable Summer

VII. The Crimson Sunset
I'm much wiser now
A lifetime of memories
Run through my head
They taught me how
For better or worse, alive or dead
I realize there's no turning back
Life goes on the offbeaten track

I sit down with my son
Set to see the Crimson Sunset
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
Many years have come and gone
I've lived my life, but now must move on
(Gather ye rosebuds while ye may)
He's my only one
Now that my time has come
Now that my life is done
We look into the sun
'Seize the day and don't you cry
Now it's time to say goodbye
Even though I'll be gone
I will live on, live on.'

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unloading due a headache


Just as the title…I am currently victim of a headache and seems that part of it is I mysteriously lost my Bluetooth which is very annoying because I hate to use my phone while charging…

Update from grandma

Abuela Grandma, circa 2007

First of all, thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts for my maternal grandmother who last week suffered from a stroke. Here’s an update…Thankfully, the stroke was a mild one, which means, that even she ended up having moving problems in her right arm, mouth and throat, she will have a full recovery in a period of time. When I arrived at the hospital she was already joking with me and my mom. It was really a BIG sigh of relief to me. To tell you the truth, I maintained my coolness at work (for obvious reasons), but just 15 minutes that I arrived home, as soon as I was getting the latest, I began to cry. To all that know me, they will tell you that crying for me it is really rare. In my adulthood, this will mark the 3rd time I ever cried with feeling because I was truly hurt. But watching her being optimistic and really cheerful after a big scare that everybody in our family was overwhelming and one of the most motivating thing I have seen in recent days. She make me proud of a fighter woman that she is.
¡Te quiero Abuela!


Last Monthly Geeky…I feel in deception…To hear outrage…

Not the reaction I really wanted from my last topic discussed in my last entry for Monthly Geeky. I though I was preparing to see my mailbox explode with people justifying the bad things I noticed from Apple. But apparently my lack of feedback must mean one thing. I AM RIGHT LIKE ALWAYS….MWUAHAHAHAHAHA! Now seriously, at BlackBerryPR.net we already discussed what it is the things iPhone 4G with iPhone OS 4 is getting while since prehistory, BlackBerry always had. Nothing more I had to add.


Possible venture to podcasting

Although we are sketching things since back November…Gaby, Frank and I been trying to set things for having our host own podcast for internet. Personally I had been thinking on having a spoken versions of all this blog for starts my own podcasting. Afterwards Gaby kind of pitched the idea to me, which I found fantastic. Now what left currently is that I will try to learn to play with Audacity, which will be my default sound editor, using Ubuntu OS for speed and quickness at processing purposes. The concept in the podcast is currently on debate, but knowing how Frank and Gaby interact and I end always being the equilibrant force between them, this mean that maybe we will focus on a open-discussion on any current theme and (by Frank’s side) maybe controversial. Stay tuned on that!

Before closing in….

To made it clear, it’s been like nth time I had done this, but who cares, I want to do it, because every damn moment is worthy. Just want to take the opportunity to say that really I always said that there is a reason that I got know people, friends, but “truly” friends or what in Puerto Rico we call “panas” are the people, without reason, are with you in all the bad and all the good.

In no particular order:

  1. Karlo Benitez: Bro, we had so much wonderful childhood, we have a crazy but funny moments as teenagers, and adulthood was not excuse to stop keeping at it. Although it is an old story, I will never stop saying that you were always there for me, even defending from myself. Thank you for be like how you are and always as possible for not saying “no”.
  2. Jenesther Torres: I think I already told you that I always wish that we could have met in earlier times, this mark our 2nd anniversary on having on of the most quickest, yet, very kind friendship I had ever had. In this two years you had developed a trust that is not seen this days due to the hardship for a Puerto Rican life. Thank you for be the special person you are and let yourself to be seen that way. (Yes, I still can’t believe how you were in your early years, as you told me, you are great surrounded with friends :) ).
  3. Yeris Mayol: Girl, seeing you makes me feel, why I whine about my age. I really want to have that energy that you got. That enthusiasm that really it is unbeatable no matter how bad things are. I was really sad to hear that you leave for a opportunity at the States. The only thing I can say is I am not saying goodbye, I am saying See you later, because I understand that you are fighting for the future you want with Karlo. Just keep ahead to your future and make sure that no one and nothing stop you, this is your time.
  4. Pablo Collazo: Dude you are awesome. You had been really polite and good to us (specially Jenesther and proves me that you deserve her). Many of the worlds problems can be avoided if people where more like you, methodical always looking everybody’s well being besides yours. A gentleman indeed that it is only foolish to even try to look your bad side. Thanks for the short but good time we share joking, mocking and for all the blackjacks and bulleyes games. lol.

With this guys, thank you for sharing a very special occasion which was my loved Jessica Santiago’s birthday. You have no idea how much this meant for me and I will always treasure this moment. You guys rocks!


Now I can sleep, until next time….


Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little And Humble Tribute For A Special Person


There are times that when we say woman in our lives, it is not necessarily meaning a girlfriend or a bride. This kind of woman are indeed the only ones to really entrust your success, your failure, your joys, your frustration and your good times and bad times, because they always show your best face and the best councils that make sure you feel better.

I have the privilege on having her in the integral part of my life. Adulthood is no excuse on having her full support and even to scold me to correct mistakes just for my own good, enough to over come my pride that might cloud me. And even if she is not my biological mother, still blood from her runs my veins and the satisfaction and privilege to calling her grandmother, or grandma it is one of the most grateful things that I have in life. I try always to be optimistic and cheerful most of time. That’s was part of the uncountable good things that she though me thru all the time she was raising me.

Today my special person, my friend and my confident, my grandmother has suffered a strike from life. Whether I think it was fair or not from life it is irrelevant at this point (I think it is unfair), the best think I can do is to hope (and damn I know it will) to grandma’s full recover and like always enjoy our time that it is left to use. Abuela te quiero mucho, no sabes como me sentí, llorar en mi es sumamente raro, tiene que ser algo que me duela tanto que no tenga más que ponerme a desidratar el miedo como diria una canción. Prometo que no lo hare en frente tuyo, porke quiero darte mi mejor cara en toda adversidad como tu has querido y me has enseñado.

Tu Nieto

Jesus Josue Nieves Padilla

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monthly Geeky Vol. 6: Apple Co. – Marketing Aggressor?




As of writing this, Steve Jobs unveils details for the most anticipated Apple’s mobile phone venture, the iPhone 4G. Apple has seen success with this gadget that indeed revolutionized the mobile industry making in less than a year a really must-have and most wanted gadget. But the question has been made, Is apple’s marketing a friendly for common-customer? It is a smart move to broom your competition by claiming that your product will not contain any XXX or porno. I will try to answer this question in this special edition of Monthly Geeky.

Background Story, when the evil one has “Windows”.


Everyone must remember the most famous case of United States VS. Microsoft.  It was a case, were Microsoft were denounce to have a agreement with most INTEL-based computer manufacturer to have a Windows OS,  API and Internet Explorer bundled with every new PC with command lines of programming that really makes it really hard to have third party software that wasn’t labeled as Windows official sponsored product. At that time Netscape, Opera and Apple were the most affected company having this unfairness in the industry. At the very end, Microsoft lost and a new era of more freedom and really mean of using open-source had really begun. This will lead to the question. Apple’s now the evil in money talking?


About Apple…(From Wikipedia’s Apple Article)

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software; the iWork suite of productivity software; Aperture, a professional photography package; Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio and film-industry software products; and Logic Studio, a suite of audio tools. As of January 2010 the company operates 284 retail stores in ten countries, and an online store where hardware and software products are sold.

Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years, but removed the word "Computer" on January 9, 2007, to reflect the company's ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers. As of September 26, 2009, Apple had 34,300 full time employees and 2,500 temporary full time employees worldwide and had worldwide annual sales of $42.91 billion in its fiscal year ending September 26, 2009. For reasons as various as its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive advertising campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world in 2008, 2009, and 2010. In May 2010, Apple's market cap exceeded that of Microsoft for the first time since 1989.


A lookup on Apple’s Marketing

“THE HELL, I got to pay $5 to have my girlfriend’s 2nd gen iPod Touch for an OS upgrade.” This was my outrage before researching on the famous technique called “jailbreaking”  in which you “break” and iPhone or iPod Touch software security and can install software and apps that were not downloaded from iTunes. Why so much money movement? Why a solution can be free like 99% of Apple’s competition? Apple’s answer is that blah…blah, we ensure customer satisfaction and (secretly trying to obligate you to buy new product) more blah.

First of all, if you want to be a iPhone OS app developer, you will have to only be confident that you are going to be faithful to the iPhone OS API, because that’s the agreement that you will have with Apple if you want your app to be listed on iTunes. Second, The media-circus that Steve Jobs made with Adobe and his Flash player (formerly Macromedia Flash Player, before being bought by Adobe) really make sense on one thing. Remember how I started this article? YES, Apple has become the new Microsoft, by the way, Apple already passes Microsoft as a major Tech Company in these days.

According to a eBook by a former employee (click here), Apple followed five marketing step when the company was in the edge of a bankruptcy:

  1. Don’t Sell Products. People buys what others have. -  Apple successfully captivated people curiosity on trying out the iPod when first announced instead following the paradigms of showing the device’s capacity in a TV ad. In other words consumer hypnosis.
  2.  Never Be First To Market. Make Something Good Greater. – Self-explaining, Apple took a revolutionary and smart step, never be the tested, be the tester. Let your competition fall down themselves and step over them with every of their problems already solved.
  3. Empower Early Adopters – Help You Customers To Help You – Not quite a exclusive Apple strategy, every company has the need to have some tester of some kind, like Konami testing a new Metal Gear game before showing it off at a sooner E3 convention.
  4. Make your message memorable – Boil the story down to its syrupy goodness – I see this as part of the pre-schoolar game called “telephone”. This game objective is that the message, passed out secretly  and to be less distortional on the way. Let your consumer be the one that reach the masses and lead them to the nearest Apple Store.
  5. Go One Step Further – Surprise and Delight Your Costumers. – This steps cover the esthetical details on how you are presenting your product to a potential buyer. Yes they are people that falls for how pretty looks a box.

The ugly side of this marketing

I focused until now a good aspect in a business meaning to keep the impartiality on this article, but how good is impartiality if I don’t focus on the bad side. Personally I don’t like to segment people in “Social Class”. But unfortunately here to make my point I must use it as my focal point to get you understand this concern I want to bring to you the reader. As you all know, by the of the 2000’s USA and most of the world, went on recession and once again it was identified that humanity has being segmented on High Class, Mid-Class, Low-Class in economical income may refer.

According to Leonard Beeghley in 2004 the Social class were segmented on:

  1. The Rich (High Class) - $1 Million of net worth income as minimum yearly.
  2. Working and Middle Class – Between $40,000 - $50,000 net income yearly.
  3. Poor (Low Class) - $0 – $18,000 net worth income yearly.

Now let’s take an example on how Apple focus to segment their customer, either unconsciously or purposely (this suggestion is up to you to get your own conclusions) .


  1. MacBook - $999
  2. MacBook Pro - $1199
  3. MacBook Air - $1455
  4. Mac Pro - $2499

This is some of Apple top computer at the market right now. Now if we have an average in a monthly income of a middle class as I want to focus on them. The average monthly income is (50,000/12)= $4166.67. I know you are thinking, “Hell it can be fair to bought a MacBook Pro!”. Well not quite because:

  1. Even having the prices, we still haven’t researched the taxes for each state of US in particular
  2. Shipping and Handling
  3. The need for insurance of the devices.
  4. IMPORTANTLY, this are Most Suggested Retail Prices, which means that you are on the mercy of the Apple Store or a Store authorized by Apple. So it can be more.

Quite frankly the money is not enough if you have responsibilities like raising kids, taking care of debts in your house, income taxes. Universities are quite the lucky ones, whenever possible use the extra money that left from tuitions after grants are paid. But these trends are stopping nowadays as Linux and their releases get more user friendly and Microsoft advantage making machines more cheaper than other times. Simple comparison for simple question. The good thing from Apple and I got to give them that is the have yet had labeled themselves as a “economical” alternative in computer and electronically industry, because they know they will be lying!


Steve Jobs aggression! 

Seems that Jobs's second chance in life has taught him that be an attacker than being an attacked. Not only Adobe has been under the Media Blass that Steve Jobs but also, he had the never on broom competition with now where I called it a new slogan: “If you want to see porn use (insert competition here). Our products will be porn free!”. Why I say it is bad? First of all, let’s get something clear all right? Pornographic and sex industry is not only for the horny, sexologist are getting great help with dysfunctional matrimony that the whole thing can be disastrous only for not having a good sex. There are therapy that are sex-based completely healthy. In a economic view, sex industry has as $13 billion a year in earnings, only in The Unites States. Why do you think that there is a boom in legislation that now every porn actress, minimum male actors, have to wear condoms or the State Of California can ban a porn filming in which most of the industry are based from. Then in strategic meaning, mocking your competition on a underestimated industry can be fatal as sex is getting out of the Taboo list of society and people not only seek sex just out of pervert mean, but in health. And yes there had been reason that electronically devices had been bought just for that. Apple need to calm down on this side.


This was my Peseta Cent in this issue of Monthly Geeky. Please don’t hate me if you are a Apple lover that didn’t down with this….Read the disclaimer.