Monday, May 24, 2010

Rising From Infinity

I feel to infinity and back again with a REAL Post!

Happy to be posting!
It's been quite a full month without posting, speaking of my mind like I used to. I know that I had been just posting lyrics of songs that comply with my current mood at the time for the sake of posting. Also I had a problems with my Medion SIM 2000 laptop and I was like a week without computer so count that on also. But grandma did solve my problem with this new Sony VAIO e Series laptop. Thanks Grandma.

University's Life?!
Well as I am posting, it is final week for the Spring 2010 trimester. It was really intense to keep up the step after a full-month, 40 hours weekly job training which did took toll at one point. Currently I am preparing for a two round, Electronics I exams. One for Amplifiers, the other for MOSFETS...which I will explain later! After this, then two weeks vacation, then to return for a summer session for Differential Equations and Probabilities & Statistic to see if I can get my GPA rise up again before August. After that THEN I will feel comfortable in student meanings as I can get close to 3 points like I was before my declining!

Mobile Opportunities?!
I had a wonderful time so far being part of BlackBerryPR's staff. But as more as I contribute the more determination I had to in a not-far-away future, I might take a few certifications exam to have a "official" knowledge recognized by Research In Motion (BlackBerry's company). Besides this I was offered a side-project as a independent workshop partnership with a friend of mine that meanwhile he takes the Apple's iPhone department I might take the BlackBerry side of the business. But this is all part of a brainstorm's hurricane and nothing has been materialize yet....Also when we were going to begin with. Stay tuned on that!

Talking about tech stuff, A "discharge" off my chest...
This kind of thing are for my Geeky Monthly section, but I wanna make a preview on what I wanna work on. First of all....I AM NOT ANTI-MAC, if I were, then I am anti-technology and contradict my beliefs that not everything has a solution with Microsoft. But I had to say that really in this past year, Apple has bee taking a really aggressive marketing, so bad that I feel hurt. First of all, WHY THE HELL I HAD TO PAY $5 TO HAVE MY GIRLFRIEND'S 2ND GEN iPOD TOUCH TO GET iPHONE OS 3?! JUST BECAUSE IT IS OUTDATED?! Nobody could answer me and of course I took the decision to have pulled the famous jailbreak technique. Now lately Steve Jobs is bashing competition with a slogan "If you want porn, then use (Insert competition here)". To tell you the truth (and I might get controversial with this), I think that Mr. Jobs is really underestimating how hurtful, in a business meaning, can be mocking your competition with a industry that had been know to move a percent of the economy. In fact, the more access you had to porn, the most you can have from your customer...As ugly as can be heard, there are people willing to spend their budget on sex and might be a factor when selecting, in this case a computer to access a site. But before adding more, I will take a full-day from my vacations to investigate a little more and publish my findings on this month's Geeky Monthly....Again Mac lovers, I don't hate Apple, but they need to adjust some politics and let lower and lower-to-middle class (economically) more access to their products.

Happy Birthday Pablo
Before leaving I wanna take this opportunity to congrats my "stepfather" (kayfabe), Pablo that he has his birthday this Sunday. DISFRUTA DUDE!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Re Testing Tumblr

Another test!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Testing Tumblr Connectivity

Sorry I know this has been a slow moth posting. University and personal stuff in for more time. Meanwhile testing some stuff and I really have some good stuff for worth three edition for Monthly Geeky! Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This is a test for the mobile version of Blogger. Will post very soon. Thank You!