Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broken, BEATEN & Scared, But That Is Just My Life!

Just had a wonderful two weeks in my life and the best times that I had in a long time, with friends and family.

Updating About The Video Log...
Sadly I am re-confirming that Whenever We Roam - A Class C Video Log has been suspended definitely as before stated, Frank didn't approved the beta version of the video and I am currently assisting to training for my new job wish leave me once again with a small window of free time. And of course to make a new version with his suggestion will really distract me from training and university, so it will end up with a playlist on Youtube....Sorry for those who were waiting to see my video editing debut... :'(

Speaking About Job
I am having a wonderful time with this new job that I found. I am really overwhelmed being working for a bank and I think that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that just knocked and took it without second tough. At the same time it sad that the group which I entered is already incomplete. I just can't believe how people just mess that bad. I am not entering to details but it is really incredible. But in the positive side, and I'm sharing and having good moments with my mates from the training group. There are just nice people and just like me they are trying their best...Good Luck guys and gals, Grace, Christian, Christopher, Waldemar, Juan (DJ Flaco), Suheyli, Jose L., Rafael (Berber [misspell?]), Rafael, Jesus, Aitza, Leslie, Amneris, Wesley !

Catching Up \w My Posse
After a month of sudden disappearance I was able to catch up with my friends & love ones. First of all my lovely Jessica, we are steady as rock and trust with each other are as good as a top-notch internet connection. BABY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 AND DON'T WORRY, OUR TIME WILL COME!! Frank, Gaby and William, William it's just been a few brief time that we just hang out, but I can tell already that you are cool and hope we can catch up with the gang some time! Frank, Chrystal, Gaby you guys are the best...Gato I am trying to get things settle and you will see that things might become like before, Joan, Christine, Ustedes son increibles y aunque no lo crean hacen falta :(...Jenesther, Pablo, Yeris, Belty, Luis, Amarilis, Jennifer, Chris, Marrynely, Keishla, Rigoberto, Braulio...Sin ustedes no existiria el Posse group que tengo, de hecho ustedes son las unicas amistiades cercanas que tengo fuera de la Universidad y estoy agradecido que estén en mi vida. My Bros & Sis from the PUPR, Thanks for your friendship, kindness, patience and love...It have been a long trip with hardship but without you I couldn't reach as far I did now: Dilia, Zulma, Jose L. Mojica, Deydi, Daimarik, Francie, Xavier, Nadmionor, Lilia, Amalie, Juan, Bolivar, Benedict, Cristian, David & Yamilet...You guys are the best! My friends at Selecto Norte, Ermis, Fanny, Bianca, Rayza, Thomas, Edwin, Noelia, Johan x2, Kenry, Jorge, Carlitos thanks for the good times and hope we can get together some time! Last but no-less important, my childhood friend & bro, Karlo. Thanks to be in the good and the bad nad never left me when I need someone like never before. Thanks for all the great times and the hardships in my life, I also thank you that (I think I always say this but here goes anyways) prevent me to get into troubles and even defend me from myself as a stubborn I can be sometimes. Unfortunately time is against us and things in our life has to move on, and sadly things aren't as before as we are gaining more responsibilities, but we can make our best. ¡Gracias hermano!

Almost two weeks ago, Metallica just saw how metal Puerto Rico can be. It is really a shame that crappy shitness like Luis Fonsi, or any shitty reggaeton can get to many tv news and it is really sad that the only TV Network that did a good job covering the concert is the less that I expected, Univisión PR....But anyway, I did the job on Twitter and Facebook and this is a descending order summary of what just happened. Enjoy!
 From Twitter:
  1. Before closing in. We were more louder that NY City of Nov 14, 2009!

  2. Well about to get back home a little deaf and soon my throat will get me back!

  3. Lars: Metallica fucking loves you San Juan, PR and we will definitely will be back soon. Thank U.

  4. Lars: Do I am the only one that think that Metallica shouldn't wait another 20 f'n years to come back to PR?

  5. Seems where done and crowd with the Ooh-eeh again.

  6. "Seek & Destroy" - Kill 'Em All

  7. Another Mosh Pit On The Way.

  8. "Motorbreath" - Kill 'Em All

  9. "Die Die My Darling" Covering Mistfit

  10. Crowd: Ooh-eeh

  11. Encore

  12. "Enter Sandman" - Metallica (Black Album)

  13. "Nothing Else Matters" - Metallica (Black Album)

  14. Kirk Solo

  15. "Blackened" - ...And Justice For All

  16. Mini Mosh Pit going on.

  17. "Master Of Puppets" - Master Of Puppets

  18. "One" - ...And Justice For All

  19. "Creeping Death" - Ride The Lightning

  20. "Welcome Home - Sanitarium" - Master Of Puppets

  21. Bass Solo

  22. "Sad But True" - Metallica (Black Album)

  23. "Cyanide" - Death Magnetic

  24. "Broken, Beat & Scared" - Death Magnetic

  25. "Fade To Black" - Ride The Lightning

  26. Robert Trujillo jamming

  27. "Fuel" - ReLoad

  28. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Ride The Lightning

  29. "End Of The Line" - Death Magnetic

  30. "That Was Just Your Life"*

  31. "That Was Your Life" - Death Magnetic

  32. NOW really, METALLICA IS HERE! Kicking off with "The Ectasy Of Gold".

  33. Sorry false alarm...Tallica still to come.

  34. METALLICA IS HERE! Kicking off with "The Ectasy Of Gold".

  35. Sound tuning could be heard on the bathroom. Pyrotechnics getting detailed!

  36. Mastodon is done and I am already missing my long hair...And Lars's drum kit get's uncovered.

  37. Heavy intro by Mastodon.

  38. And Mastodon is ON!

  39. Mastodon still to come and the crowd are still entering the venue.

  40. Mastodon's crew setting the stage and tuning the sound.

  41. Adam Zoom is done, a quickly exit, seems he was told before hand of tonight's unpopularity.

  42. Adam Zoom is opening the concert and really he is getting a rythm of boos.

  43. At the venue. I will begin my mini-coverage of Metallica's concert in PR as soon as they start.

  44. Finally the time has come! Metallica live from Puerto Rico since the 93's rained out concert! I will be posting the set list! #Metallica

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where The Wild (Good) Things Are!


Well I’m back again to pill up with random stuff the internet.

Professionally growing up!
This has been a really productive month in a professional meaning. I found a new job (recommended by a friend), and I think I can make big advantage on that case in both short and long terms. Since I am being monitored and currently I am taking courses (which if I fail, I get the “F” out) and there are guys there that really monitor social-network and really I can’t keep testing my luck so I am only mentioning that now I am part of the Santander Group family and really proud of it. I just saw the potential on working there and I really can have a opportunity on growing up also as a Computer Engineer. I am really looking forward how can I explore all my greatest and wildest expectation as I can get in a professional way.

So Far, so not too good in my studies
I can say that I started not so good at the university. I am having hard time to keep up with old stuff, so in that way doesn’t affect the current stuff. I kinda expected this, after spending almost 4 mothns of freedom that was not as positive on a 100% that I wanted to be. I had to keep trying so I can be on my 100% again.

Update (and hopefully final) on Whenever I May Roam – A Class C Video Log
I got some news and some bad news about the video log. The good news is that finally I am uploading the footage from the trip of New York City and Metallica concert. The bad news is that base on the previous things here on this blog and also Frank’s disapproval on a beta of a video filler that I wanted to include, I had decided that it will be uploaded as a playlist on Youtube and uploaded individually both on Facebook and Twitter (via TwitVid). The main reason is that Frank disapproved the video, it leave me with doing new creative stuff, which currently I have no time to make and really need to have my focus on my student and professional life and also I think will be unfair to keep taking more time for the video. It’s ok in a way but in the other hand, I wanted to make something more original…..oh well….

Happy Birthday Jenesther
Today was really a great day, well evening to be exactly. I had the opportunity on assisting on Jenesther’s birthday. It had been 2 months previously since I last saw her and her boyfriend Pablo. She was kinda tearful when she saw me. She wasn’t expecting me to come after I played a joke that makes everyone believe that I dished everyone out. But anyway, it was really to be with them and all our friends. I even tested my singing capacity after karaoke-ing a song by Ricky Martin’s Volveras. As I am writing this they are waiting for me to play Poker and Blackjack.

Be expecting a new edition of Monthly Geeky this month.
See yaa

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monthly Geeky Vol. 5

Mobile Technology - Revisited 

Frankly we live in one of the most peak times within science is concerned and something that seems to have no end and will continue for long.  The world of mobile technology is no exception and now we will look at its evolution from radio communicators, from what we today.

Mobile telecommunications technology
Although we do not have that memory (or our parents), the technology we know today as cell phones, it was a reality by the year 1946 in the United States within a conjunction between Motorola and Bell System (AT & T under your company name monopoly until 1984 when the government ordered their separation), created the first mobile telephone system. Although initially it was not automated, in other words, an operator to connect calls. Obviously, the militia was not far behind, building communications, very helpful in the 2nd World War where he was always critical communications. At this time they were known as Radio Mobile Phones using analog technology.
Standards - 1G, 2G, 3G?
Many wonder today (time in carrying out this article), "If my phone is 3G." In my case I say that, well let me, and I think many of you stays the same. Then they mention something that many people do not realize. What we know today 3G, is not simply whims of moving companies in mention. 3G is a standard, several global organizations that are dedicated to optimizing and maintaining excellent communication, which serves as a guide for developers of mobile and wireless service providers. For 3G, 3 is the third and G comes from generations other words, we are currently in the 3rd generation mobile telephony. But then we will discuss the past generations of mobile standards.

Radio Mobile Phones a.k.a.  0G
Definitely where I came to start actually 0G is the time of the first generation of mobile telephony. Not only were for personal use, but the boats and the militia were mainly large clients. As recently as the '90s, there was a boom of mobile carts stop costing the same as buying a car, thus marking the end of that era.

The mobile phone these days, began to give it a real use for the analog signal for communications where calls are modulated at frequencies of 150MHz or more.

The second generation of mobile technology developed in 1991 under the Groupe Special Mobile (which also would create future GSM technology). This is the distinction of being the generation which is implemented digitally encrypted calls that guaranteed better reception and better delivery . Transfers call at frequencies ranging from 900Mhz. y 1800Mhz. CDMA is introduced. It also began airing data for the phones that reached a speed of 9.6 Kbit / sec under the GPRS technology, 2G right now happen to be 2.5G. In 2.75G it then introduces the EDGE technology, seeking improvement to be conveying GPRS data at a speed 180Kbits/sec allowing neat thing as mobile TV, Music players and video players, obviously it goes without saying that today is day of continuous use and referred to as 2.75G.

The third generation, where they currently are now. It is known as the Universal Mobile Telecommunications Standard (UMTS), where almost exceeds the original technology of GSM. Phones designed on this standard are able to increase the receiving and sending data, enough for the video-conference be possible. Another positive aspect and that is the cream of this business, the "roaming" more streamlined for customers to make their journeys and continue statements. Recently introduced the 3.5G or HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). The name says it all virtually. Su velocidad de datos puede llegar hasta 14Mbits/sec. Its data rate can reach 14Mbits/sec.

I'm not done, comes the 4G
The future of mobile phones comes with the 4G, already identified as International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMTA). Its main objective is to realize that mobile data, can surpass the speed of Gbits likely to arrive until 1 or 1.1Gbits/sec. It stresses communication protocols mobile via internet or VoiceIP.It is rumored that the CDMA may be dying at this point and was replaced by a technology that equalize frequency domains. To me that sounds rather than in the case of Puerto Rico would be segmented OneLink style, Choice Cable and Liberty (my theory).

“Flashback”. I hope you have enjoyed this "Flashback".