Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Really Busy February...

Greetings and hello
it's been a while since I post a blog (not counting Monthly Geeky and yes,  more coming soon) but here I am again.

Update on Whenever We Roam - A Class C Video Log
I am happy to announce that my crappy video log of my trip with Frank Camacho and Gabriel Marquez to New York city to attend MSG's Metallica concert in November it is on it's final stage. Videos had been organized and approved. Now the problem still that I am still testing some video editor and it is really hard to choose, because either the one I see it is a perfect choice, I find a flaw or the one that looks promising ends in disappointment. Please stay tuned.

Talking about video editing...
WWW will mark my first venture in video editing and I say that if I really practice, I can make some cool videos. But first of all, I need new equipment (means a new laptop or PC, video camera and stop relying much on the BlackBerry) and more time. I know that professional at video editing seeing the progress since November through today, they might be laughing at me and will be more with the final product. But I think that's part of learning.

Talking about learning. I am happy and excited to announce that after a 4 month hiatus, I will resume my studies for Computer Engineering. I acknowledge that I lost momentum and time. If you would ask me 2 years ago that academically I would had fall to the point that can affect you economically, I surely wouldn't believe you. But this my reality and nothing and no one is responsible other than me. It is me who brought this situation by a mix of over-confidence, lack of seriousness, too much distraction and didn't do anything about it, underestimate my situation and frankly my biggest enemy was my own ego, which the one that make me fall and was the one that didn't make me realize until it was late I was doing thing my own way the wrong way. Now I have a new focus, new strategies and new goals. Nothing is gonna stop me now.

My Peseta Cent on this year Wrestlemania
And making a huge jump from my life to wrestling industry. Before I will like to acknowledge that I am a Smark fan, which means that I enjoy wrestling knowing that feuds are staged and blow and wrestling move although are REAL (sometimes overacted) but  are choreographed and yes in my childhood (like all children) I was a Mark fan, which I believed that wrestling was real and they really wanted to hurt each other. We are gonna have the equivalent of what is the Super-Bowl for NFL, the All-Star Weekend & Finals Week for NBA and the World Series for MLB to Wrestling. Wrestlemania weekend it is the PPV flagship of WWE. A historical event of 26 years giving wrestling good memories. Let's talk about this year's Wrestlemania XXVI. I had seen all Wrestlemanias, since I began 2 years ago collecting Wrestlemania's original recordings and I can say that year's Wrestlemania, besides a incredible HBK/Taker match, it was infact the second floppy Wrestlemania, just behind Wrestlemania 2000 (XVI) that I had ever seen. I think I had to recognize and agree with most wrestling promoters that the internet's exposure has damaged the wrestling industry and why the magic from the 80's and early 90's had gone by early 2000's. This year will feature HBK/Taker II, a rematch for last year's Wrestlemania. I believe that this will be another historic match. But quite frankly I do not want to Taker lose his Wrestlemania winning streak, that has become practically a trademark and something that really it is worthy to see in Wrestlemania.
Undertaker's Wrestlemania Records:

Edition   Year       Opponent                                  Win by:
VII 1991 Jimmy Snuka Pin fall
VIII 1992 Jake Roberts Pin fall
IX 1993 Giant González Won via disqualification
XI 1995 King Kong Bundy Pin fall
XII 1996 Diesel Pin fall
13 1997 Sycho Sid Pin fall
XIV 1998 Kane Pin fall
XV 1999 The Big Boss Man Pin fall
X-Seven 2001 Triple H Pin fall
X8 2002 Ric Flair Pin fall
XIX 2003 The Big Show and A-Train (Handicap Match and was supposed to be a Tag Team Match) Pin fall with Nathan Jones as Tag Team Partner
XX 2004 Kane Pin fall
21 2005 Randy Orton Pin fall
22 2006 Mark Henry Casket Match
23 2007 Batista Pin fall
XXIV 2008 Edge Pin fall
XXV 2009 Shawn Michaels Pin fall

I like when new matches or feud begins. Edge will take on Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight champion. I think that really WWE and most promotions need to stop monotony and to keep pushing new guys. But I rather like to see the event and wait for the right moment to continue commenting.

What I been up to and what's gonna happen
Returning to me. Right now I am hoping that with my return to university it is the meaning of doors getting open once again with a little sacrifice in exchange. There are a few things hoping to coming up but I rather not say it right now because I am still working on it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monthly Geeky Vol. 4 - BlackBerry Storm - From The View Of An Un-Owner

Some time ago I've been behind the BlackBerry Storm. Now I see the task of speaking a little of this phone and make deductions if the phone would be delivered from the clutches of Verizon Wireless.

I present the BlackBerry Storm
First of all I must mention the series models of Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry Storm series were launched in the second half of 2008, as part of RIM's answer to Apple's iPhone, G1, HTC / Google / T-Mobile and Palm PRE.
It is the first BlackBerry to be completely touch screen, QWERTY keyboard and numeric, both virtually. There are two models within the series, the 9500, which has a capacity of 128MB internal memory, Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM / GPRS / EDGE networks, Single-band: 2100 MHz UMTS / HSPA networks, 3.2MP Camcorder. The Model 9530 has the same characteristics in addition to CDMA / EvDO. In 2009 it launched the series Storm 2, which aside from being improvement of the previous series, Storm 2 now have WI-FI capability.

Initial problem and disturbing
I think they'll know where I go from here.The phone is launched to be an alternative to the boom of touch phones with complete electronic interaction, I ask myself the following questions, why is not as diversified as it is supposed to be?. The answer for those who do not know, the U.S. case, Verizon Wireless won a exclusivity with the Storm, specifically with the 9530 series.
As a result, since the only way you can get is by buying them directly without a contract or someone who may supply or just a little walk by eBay. But from there develops a problem with something that looks stupid. If there is the option to unlock, but really need to do additional modifications to the phone to be fully functional.

Investigating the new problem
Before entering full, would like to say that if they buy on eBay for a price not bad for everything included. Having come for some time, I had a bad feeling and I took the phone to verify. I was told that the phone had evidence that was wet and quickly made the claim.
The problem is that I used a shield that the seller gave me a new package, and then you will know who did not return the full amount of my money. But that was all, after searching and re-Biscar on the net, I realized something related to the changes.
First, the services address books or libraries, which only mobile provider and phone understand, are aimed at all you have to do with Verizon. There is nothing special, but during the process, which speak directly of interest to you, I realized that the phone will not work 100%, something for someone fastidious and somewhat "cranky" with my things, for I can not ignore.
I emphasize that this is based on my desire to have my T-Mobile account with a Storm, to other providers, have to check how they should change the phone correctly.

Review of people who have made the "azan
I've seen people make blogs and videoson YouTube of his experience after the Storm have unlocked and working with its suppliers. So far I have seen positive results within the framework that are not my phones and I never experienced when I had the opportunity. But I realized that I have seen complaints that each new version of OS Storm 1 is becoming less friendly to the EDGE signal, which in my case I would play in the case of T-Mobile and to make matters worse , the day arrives for T-Mobile 3G, the Storm will not be able to receive it because the configuration is T-Mobile is not compatible with the Storm, or so I've read more than once different sources.
Where am I going ....
Where am I going with this is on one side economics. I have not answered that question at heart. Is it worth risking again, especially since I left and went missing? I do not think that is my position that I am clouded by Blackberry tuning. On one hand I do not think it worthwhile if I can not use the phone at full capacity.On the other hand I throw the risk, because I think it would be a good time to break this "paradigm" as I call him. Sometimes I like to think of the "cache" as a typical human being who I am I because my materialistic tendencies. I also have my hopes centered on two things.
  1. To verify the rumor that T-Mobile in Europe will begin selling the Storm. I say that not only was the fact that it is T-Mobile, but I think it would be more accessible for those who like Storm in their companies, it is easier to change from there first find someone who is fed up with Verizon and now re-sell .
  2. The BlackBerry Magnum Dakota or it looks interesting, but only what's already been published on by my friends of and we are in expectation.
But it is still early to say if it would see a day that Verizon will not be exclusive provider of the Storm, at least this year I do not.
I hope you enjoyed this analysis or rather a materialist stress release for me.:-)
Thanks to BlackBerry Puerto Rico for listing my article and adopt me as a contributor author!

Note: Since I made the approach via Twitter to @ TMobile_USA about whether a rumor that T-Mobile Europe would finally take the phone, but the response was that nothing is official.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 February Quickie Edition

Here I am once again unloading my train of thought for this month.

SO....Late again with the Whenever We Roam shit?!
Sorry again folks, got some problems in real life, so no time to add more work on the video log, although I maded a kinda 20's movie line up with some photos. But still need to align the video. Updating the tool I will be using, I switch Avidemux from Cinelerra, as I terribly discovered Cinelerra is intended for advance users. So bare with me.

When wrestling is gonna be discussed?!
Well this year started with a new version of the Monday Night Wars. Before anything... Monday Night Wars for Wrestling newbies, was a more specifically ratings war that happened between WWF/E Monday Night Raw on USA Network VS. WCW's Nitro on TNT . The war went on until WWE finally purchases WCW in 2001 making WWE the sole mainstreamed wrestling promotion in North America. I brought this because TNA, a close-up competition (but not yet a direct) to WWE aired a live 3-hours show on Spike TV with the last 2 hours competing with WWE Monday Night Raw with Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltzman, Sean Morley and Orlando Jordan as part of their card of the night. WWE responded with the surprisingly return of Bret "Hitman" Hart after a fallout and a srewjob plotted by Vince McMahon. To tell you the truth, really amazing to see Bret again on WWE and really good that he and Shawn Michaels bury the whole thing and ended a 12 years of remorse and rivalry (at least Bret stated on his Facebook that the speech and his face-off with Michaels was not scripted but did met Michaels in the venue's cafeteria hours before the show). Now with TNA, is good to have Hogan's back on wrestling and getting out of the media hype that surrounded his personal life. But I already had to take negative about this. Between him and Eric Bischoff had removed the 6-sided ring, which I think it is a unique and well thing that has happened in modern wrestling. Conservativeness from Hogan parts really might slow down push to new stars, halt the stars already pushed and  might just mean that veterans, once again will be the choices for storylines and/or championships. But nevertheless, the winners of all this renewed war will be of course, us fans!

Sum up What you were doing so far?!
Well kinda enjoyed the Christmas festivity. I had a wonderful time with my friends and just wishing that more good times comes up. In my love side it doesn't get any better that this, Jessica and I are more compatible than ever, we just get along since day 1 and gets even better. I hope really that things move on and yes, I am waiting for the day I wanna say :" WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Short but that's all
Take Care!