Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monthly Geeky Vol. 3

Twixtreme - A Underrated Twitter Client

During September 2009, I was searching the internet with Google about alternatives to quench my addición with Twitter, but I had a problem at that time had a Blackberry Curve 8330.. I also had two free alternatives that already had been used at the time.
  1. TwitterBerrynot a bad application and was obviously created to match perfectly with the Blackberry, erm sorry, been attempted, because the 2 versions I had (the last one before you change the name and before) always had the problem I warning light lit and from the phone to vibrate at random times. She also became tedious to not update the stream and sometimes my Logear differences were easily 5 to 6 hours and not get me wrong, I love to read the tweets of my friends but it became tedious to read things that had happened and that the program maxime encouraged the more ascended to the most recent.
  2. ÜberTwitter – actually I thought my search was over, but something I never liked is that the makers of UT have a private server on which nobody has access and did not like that every time he took out picture, the picture stays on that server until the end of time. The worst thing you could do is make the program a free version Adware Adware and had to pay. I don't have any problems they want to do and make money from their sweat, but I feel like my phone that will spread of cookies and temporary files that are used to record commercials and I've had problems with programs that have advertising applications of "Partners" business ...
 I was about to give up, when by chance I found a blog talking about a Twitter client that does not suck (A Twitter Client That Does not Suck).  When I saw it, I began to have puppy's eyes to see that if a client was designed by the company Blackberry Xtreme Labs called Twixtreme. Not only am I glad it was free, I loved that did not have ads or anything like that and everything seems indicate that this will be their winning formula.

Without further ado, let's talk about what we offer:
\ First of all, responding to my complaints from TwitterBerry, Twixtreme, is quite fast in its interface. The speed of recording and extracting tweets of your account is quite fast, even with people who use Blackberry with EDGE signal (* cough, cough ... .*).
  Apart from the rapid connection, you have the option to update your own tweets stream or the program do it automatically.
Solving my photos ÜberTwitter complaint, and that a couple of people will like is that Twixtreme and tune your account Twitpic, which means you control directly your photos.
Creating Tweets is another cool little walk well. Apart from Tweets and see your friends' Twixtreme lets you see the latest trends and also look into Twitter, Mark favorite, ReTweet and see answers and references.  I must admit that if I started using it, noticed that the graph of the blue bird, can be a bit annoying at first, but my saying that if it does not, then something bad happens.
Why is the title of the article is well then?
  Answer: Even so with the advantages of Twixtreme note, it seems that people are resisting the possibility ÜberTwitter's reign began to crumble when they decided to put Adware and there are many contenders for the kingship. Some people are complaints to the program and I say it is people coming Multi-Client Networks. I do not like the Multi-Networks, I say that the more you use a self-service (Example: Facebook -> Facebook For Blackberry) better enjoy it. Twixtreme why I say that will keep singing.

From your Blackberry
 The page will recognize your OS and where it says Download Now, will give you the best compatible version, but it is advisable that you have the Blackberry to date.