Monday, September 21, 2009

My September backlash of thoughs!

My first blog in Blogger
I know is not a big deal, but yes this will mark my first blog after I decided to join Blogger. I'll try to be argumentative here. I like how Google has this and all their "sub site". I had also fun with iGoogle, which I think is a well-first-and-only-try-to-make-you-shut-up answer to Yahoo's My Yahoo page. To make a long short story, iGoogle is a sub site of Google where you can have a custom homepage and you decide what's in there. My iGoogle includes clients(programs or sub-programs) to monitor my accounts at Facebook, MySpace and Twitter respectively, by the way, it is a real good alternative since the Polytechnic University Of PR has ridiculously banned with high limited access to the 3 mentioned social network and sometime the need to update, specially on Twitter, I got a way to tweet without depending on proxy site, which I am growing to be against of.

Time for new tool!
I have been currently debating which is gonna be when I save enough money. Right now I need a new computer to keep up with current technologies, software etc. It wasn't until recently that All-In-One Computers pointed my attention, making an antagonists war with my view on laptops. I still need to make my mind, but I already know my uses for my new system:
  1. Programming: Obviously I am studying computer engineering, and programming while be rally necessary, but as time passes, programming language are becoming more heavier to be relied on a approx 6 years old Medion Laptop.
  2. Design: Like programming, CAD (Computer Aided Design) really suck computer juice and I used to design thing and I might have a side carrier as designer with CAD.
  3. Music: I had been telling friends that I would like to (or try) to extend my little knowledge on music at least 50-50 with Guitar and Keyboards as I am planning on having mini-studio which I will create music using DAWs and my choice of environment will be Ubuntu Studio. Mainly I think I will start with fusion of Rock/Electronic music. More detail on this soon.
  4. Daily internet life: If you don't know this one....

Classes taking more that my time...

Seems I have been losing my schedule control. I feel that my friends are missing me as much as I am missing them. Unfortunately earlier as summer break was over, technically everyone took their one way due to work or in some cases continuing the adventure at their respective universities. I really which to have made better decision in my past and sadly my time with my friend is the consequences of my bad decisions.

A bright note...

It is really wonderful (or awful with the sum of age) that time is passing by fast. This Wednesday will be 9 months since I started my relationship with Mrs Jessica Santiago. Along with my friend, she was the key on making me realize that I needed in my life and have a better perspective of it. I can say that she is really amazing and how she supported me, despite the physical distance. I also have made her change some views also. And this 28th will be also 9 months since my niece Yianelis Marie Nieves Algarín was born. I never forget that faithful Sunday morning and the wake up call from my Grandmother telling me about that it was a long morning at Trujillo Alto, Arlyn(my sister-in-law) was in labor at the Presbyterian Hospital. I got the chance on seeing Yianelis around at 2PM. Despite showing that it wasn't a good day for her (funny way to think how baby feels when they are born from a warm mommy's belly, to a cold and strange place which she will learn in near future that it was a hospital) she couldn't the beauty of a baby. Nowadays Yianelis is a healthy, adventurous and curious baby girl who always looking on enjoying life as she can. I am a proud uncle!

Well that's it for now...kinda tired and again I am posting while I am supposed to be sleeping.
Take care everyone!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A unexpected entry

Well Here I Am...
Wow...Never though I was gonna do this, but I think I am gonna give a try. It has been days since I had been making the decision and finally it was time to take the walk.

What now?
Well, for the moment, I may just have Facebook and Myspace as mirror while Twitter while serve as a redirection to here while some tweets may have extractions from here.

Short for now...
Yes, it is a short entrance, but as I am writing this I am supposed to be sleeping since I am not feeling good. But I promise I will have my craziness for September by the final wee of the month.

That's all for now.
Stay tuned