Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009-2012 Computer Engineering Curriculum Schedule

*-taken and not in need to repeat
**-taken and might think about repeat
³-taken and have to repeat again
¤- No go, until further notice

------------------Math & Science Component----------------------------------
MATH-102: Preparatory Mathematics*
MATH-106: Elemntary Algebra*
MATH-110: Intermediate Algebra*
MATH-1330: Precalculus I*
MATH-1340: Precalculus II**
MATH-2310: Calculus I**
MATH-2320: Calculus II*
MATH-2330: Calculus III*
MATH-2340: Calculus IV³
MATH-3310: Differential Equations³
MATH-3320: Linear Algebra²
SCIE-110: Introduction To Physics*
SCIE-1210/1211: Chemistry & LAB
SCIE-2430/2431: Physics I-Mechanics & LAB*
SCIE-2440/2440: Physics II-Light, Sound and Heat & LAB*
SCIE-2450/2451: Physics III-Electricity and Magnetism & LAB³(Class only)

-------------Engineering Science Components--------------------------
ENGI-1110: Engineering Graphics**
ENGI-1130: Freshman Engineering Design*
ENGI-1210: Computer-Aided Design*²
ENGI-2110: Engineering Mechanics: Static
ENGI-2210: Probabilities & Statistic For Engineers³
ENGI-3410: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
ENGI-4210: Engineering Economics³

----------Socio-Humanistic Components-----------------------------
ATUL-100: Adjustment To Universitary Life*
ENGL-100:  Preparatory English*
ENGL-110: English Grammar*
ENGL-1010: Study Of Essay As Literary Genre.*
ENGL-2010: Literature Analysis Of Fiction, Poetry and Drama*
ENGL-2020: Business English*²
HIST-3010: History Of Puerto Rico*²
HIST-3020: History Of USA*²
HIST-3040: History Of Engineering*²
HIST-3070: Movie History* ²
PHIL-3040 Ethics In Engineering**
SPAN-100:  Preparatory Spanish*
SPAN-110: Spanish Grammar*
SPAN-1010: Linguistcal Analysis Of Literary Genre.*
SPAN-2010: Hispanic Literatue*
SPAN-2020: Business Spanish* ²
SOHU-2010: Socio-Humanistic Studies I**
SOHU-2020: Socio-Humanistic Studies II*

---------------Business Administration Components----------------------
COMP-1010: Intro. To Computer And BASIC Prog. Language*²
ECON-3010: Micro-Economics*²
ECON-3020: Macro-Economics*²
ISYS-3510: Management Of Information Systems*²
MARK-1010: Marketing*²
MGMT-1010: Intro To Management*²
MGMT-2010: Organizational Theory Management*²
MGMT-2020: Business Law*²

----------------------Computer Engineering/Science Components--------
CECS-2004: Discrete Structures**
CECS-2200: Computer Programming Fundamentals*
CECS-2202/2203: Computer Programming I & LAB*
CECS-2222/2223: Compuer Programming II & LAB*
CECS-3200: Assembly Language Programming²
CECS-3202: Visual-Oriented Programming²
CECS-3210: Advance Programming*
CECS-3212: Data Structures
CECS-3214: Internet Programming I²
CECS-3302: Data Communications
CECS-3234: UNIX Operating System²
CECS-4202: Database Systems
CECS-4204: Software Engineering
CECS-4230: Operating Systems
CECS-4256: Internet Programming II²

----------------Computer Engineering Components----------------------
COE-3300/3301: Logic Circuits & LAB
COE-3320/3321: Microproccesors & LAB
COE-4300: Digital System Design With VHDL
COE-5320/5321: Computer Architecture & LAB
COE-5330/5331: Computer Networks
COE-5340/5341: Microcomputer Interfacing & LAB
COE-5002: Capstone Design Course I
COE-5022: Capstone Design Course II

-----------------Electrical Engineering Components----------------------
EE-3000: Circuit Analysis I*
EE-3001: Electrical Measuremnt LAB
EE-3012: Numerical Analysis For Computer & Electrical Engineering
EE-3020: Circuit Analysis II
EE-3500: Electronics I
EE-3520: Electronics II²
EE-4000: Signals And Systems
EE-4704: Analog Communications Systems²
EE-4802/4803: Electrical Induction And Electrical Machines & LAB²¤
EE-5720: Digital Signal Processing

Listing is based on the 2003-06 / 2007-10 Computer Engineering Curriculum
Polytechnic University Of Puerto Rico and more courses maybe added



  • COE 3300/3301 - LOGIC CIRCUITS & LAB





Friday, December 11, 2009

Monthly Geeky Vol. 2

Without further a due it is...Volume 2 - Ubuntu, since I know that Linux isn't as popular between my inner friend circle...I will be as clear as possible...

(Current Version while creating this blog - 9.10/Karmic Koala)
I introduce to you Ubuntu. Another product of the open source (free program, OS, Etc). Ubuntu is  a Linux distribution based on the Debian Linux distribution created in 2004. "Ubuntu" stands for "people towards others", a philosophy linked to the idea that every software should be free and community can be involve in the support of applications or the OS itself or at least that's how I see it and I believe it is a good alternative for anyone who wants to break the boundaries that Microsoft intentionally created.

History Of Ubuntu (From Wikipedia) 
Ubuntu is a fork of the Debian project's code base. The original aim was to release a new version of Ubuntu every six months, resulting in a more frequently updated system. Ubuntu's first release was on October 20, 2004. Ubuntu was released a month after GNOME releases. In contrast to other forks of Debian which extensively use proprietary and closed source add-ons, Ubuntu uses primarily free (libre) software, making an exception only for some proprietary hardware drivers.
Ubuntu packages are based on packages from Debian's unstable branch: both distributions use Debian's deb package format and package management tools (APT and Synaptic). Debian and Ubuntu packages are not necessarily binary compatible with each other, however, and sometimes .deb packages may need to be rebuilt from source to be used in Ubuntu. Many Ubuntu developers are also maintainers of key packages within Debian. Ubuntu cooperates with Debian by pushing changes back to Debian, although there has been criticism that this doesn't happen often enough. In the past, Ian Murdock, the founder of Debian, has expressed concern about Ubuntu packages potentially diverging too far from Debian Sarge to remain compatible.  Before release, packages are imported from Debian Unstable continuously and merged with Ubuntu-specific modifications. A month before release, imports are frozen, and packagers then work to ensure that the frozen features interoperate well together.
Ubuntu is currently funded by Canonical Ltd. On July 8, 2005, Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical Ltd announced the creation of the Ubuntu Foundation and provided an initial funding of US$10 million. The purpose of the foundation is to ensure the support and development for all future versions of Ubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth describes the foundation as an "emergency fund" (in case Canonical's involvement ends).
Ubuntu 8.04, released on April 24, 2008, is the current Long Term Support (LTS) release. Canonical releases LTS versions every two years, with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (release number subject to change) scheduled as the next LTS version in 2010. The current regular release, Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), was released on October 29, 2009.
On March 12, 2009, Ubuntu announced developer support for 3rd party cloud management platforms, such as for those used at Amazon EC2.

Version History

Code name
Release date

Warty Warthog

Hoary Hedgehog

Breezy Badger

6.06 LTS
Dapper Drake

Edgy Eft

Feisty Fawn

Gutsy Gibbon

8.04 LTS
Hardy Heron

Intrepid Ibex

Jaunty Jackalope

Karmic Koala

10.04 LTS
Lucid Lynx

My Experience so far.....
I began using Ubuntu a year ago while I recieved the free CD mailed by me by Canonical which was version 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex. I was fascinated how quickly went the WUBI method of installation without screwing the Windows XP partition. Also you can install as a whole OS for your computer, but as for obvious reason (universitary life) I needed to keep my Windows XP partition. After a while I decided to move up with the release of of version 9.04 - Jaunty Jackalope again...everything went smoothly and I even decided to have this version to do everything that whatever reason things I don't usually do in Windows. Then a problem happened, I screwed up my Windows Partition with Ubuntu tagged in so I needed to clean up my computer. Then a terrible discovery, seems that the two versions stopped working correctly and was frustrating, none of any hardware was working correctly in neither of both Ubuntu version and I just gave up and just hope that in a near future will work again...

A few months ago I discovered VMware, a Virtual Machine for Windows. This type of programs serves as an "emulator" of a computer working inside of Windows. In other words, a compute working on another computer and I was able to install any OS of my choice. Obviously with the arrival of 9.10 - Karmic Koala, I decided to test both....and SUCCESS!

By accident or good-fortune, I installed by WUBI method 9.10 and to my surprise (and delight!) Ubuntu was once again working smoothly!

My Ubuntu Environment

This is my current desktop...I am using a custom Ubuntu-Exotic theme, with a Ubuntu pre-loaded wallpaper and the OS icons are Ubuntu-default icons (I didn't like Ubuntu-Exotic ones). I like the design for two reasons
1. The less things you got, the more you are organized.
2. (Important) The less software are scheduled for startup, the more faster it is the boot process .

Until now, Canonical has been supporting Ubuntu with the Mozilla Firefox browser, which  think that they shouldn't dare to change it ...Here it is my Twitter profile <3...

Previous version of Ubuntu had included the Add/Remove apps something like Windows...But in 9.10 - Karmic Koala, it has been changed to Ubuntu Software Center, a graphical catalog of all programs that are online on the Ubuntu "repositories", where all supported or authorized applications are stored. In my case and as a jealous as I am with the stuff that I want, yes I had already check somethings and installed quite a few programs which are the followings :
  1. Pidgin Messenger - A multi-network Messenger, capable of enable the user to be at 2 or more networks at a time, mine are MSN, Google Talk and MyspaceIM, originally since Karmic Koala, Ubuntu now use Empathy IM but didn't like it.
  2. Ubuntu restricted extras - sets of plugins importantly to see flash movies, music plugins etc.
  3. Comix - a Comic Book reader
  4. KAlgebra - Obviously I need a tool to help me review some old Math things as I am a Computer Engineering student, the programs include a plotter.
  5. Kiten - A app to help me learn or try to learn Japanese
  6. Bittorando - a Bittorrent client
  7. ePDFView - PDF reader
  8. PythonCAD - A plotting program but I still need to test a few things to call it really a "Computer Aided Design" program.
  9. NetBeans IDE - a Integraded Development Environment for computer programming which include Python, JAVA, Ruby/Ruby On Rails and SQL
  10. Screem - a HTML/XML editor
  11. KLogic - a Logic Circuit Designer
  12. Cinelerra - A Video Editor
By default Ubuntu includes the most revelant programs:
  1. OpenOffice Suite - free alternative to Microsoft Office
  2. Rythmbox - Music Player <3
  3. Empathy - A Multi-Network IM, I delete it because I think Pidgin is better.
  4. Games

Here we got the most important thing on Ubuntu, the Terminal...A command driven program which in reality, is the way you communicate with Ubuntu. Almost every task can be done through the terminal. From installing/unistalling apps, Updating/downgrading , select programs, settings, etc. at the screen I entered the command "sudo su". Sudo means that the user was Ubuntu to make an action and the complete "Sudo su", means I want the terminal to give me root user privileges. In others words, Ubuntu by default has elements that can't be accessed by any user. By declaring to the terminal  Sudo su, it will enable me the privileges to edit or delete files not necessary for any user like read-only files. It can be  really confusing at first sight but just  you need a good Ubuntu book and you are fined. With Terminal you can even compile and run programs if you are beginning with C or C++ programming language.

For more info...Google search for any tutorial
From my part you can email me if you want a ebook.
I recommend Beginning Ubuntu Linux 4th Ed -2009

Hope not being so
Take care

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Quickie One!

Greetings....I feel it is unfair to have dust covering my Blogger here so this will be a short post for the sake of posting.

Health Issue....Right, same old sh!t
This has been a difficult month after I developed quite again Cellulitis Infection but this time in both foot (2nd time for right and 1st for left). It has been a frustrating time since I technically was walking like an old man, making a little uncomfortable in social aspects...Right now I am a little worried about my health and all seems that it is time to make some changes and set real goals for 2010

What about the freakin video from the NY trip?!
I apologize to all, specially Frank, Gaby and Chrystal...I confess that the only thing I did was arrange, inspect and approve which footage will made the final mix and after a little research I decided to use Cinelerra for my video editing tool. After I haven't made anything else so, give me a little more time while I get better organize and play a little with Cinelerra.

Forgetting something?
I am still preparing the Monthly Geeky Vol. 2 - Ubuntu so stay tuned!

Told ya it was short and will not make it to Myspace but at least I am relieved that I posted something...
Take Care

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Day That Did Come!

Yes, this is what's left of me of my NY trip. I wanna start saying that I one hell of a time and I am gonna be deailing by dates!

November 12, 2009
Just being woke up since 5:30AM to be completely prepared. But I found out that the original bag that I wanted to use was zipper-less, so I needed to rely on that Frank might have a available one so he can lend me one. By 7AM Frank was heading to see a doctor, to get clearance to travel, since he was sick since a few days before. Meanwhile I went with Gaby to check and lock my car in Frank's grandmother's house.When we finally got reunited at Frank's house, we were checking that everything was good and running. We arrived at the airport around 10, 1/2 hours to go for boarding and we decided to stop by for lunch, at least Frank

Yes, the photo shooting madness began right before we even got in the plane.... 

After being joined by Chrystal, we headed to get the bags and ourselves got checked out....But something happened. For some reason, I was almost trip-searched like I was hiding a gun or anything....But I was smiling because just before entering, I could notice Frank was recoding and with Chrystal there...Yes I fell in a mini-prank lol!!
Boarding time arrived and I was sitting right before the window...Yeah, I know what you might been thinking so far...This guy acting like a kid, at least I was, first time ever in a plane = NEW EXPERIENCE

The most coolest thing is that I had a TV with DirecTV signal and a free movie while on air. Now that was cool! The movie at that time was G.I. Joe and I think was a good movie, with drama and action.

We arrived at New York around 3 or 4PM(4 or 5PM in PR) it will be like an hour that I could felt an actual below 50 degrees cold. After we left the JFK airport through Air Train, we've been greeted by Gaby's uncle, which unfortunately I don't have photo of him, he was incredibly good with us and have a good time with him messing with Reynold, Gaby's cousing. Also my first time in the subway, I really have a perspective due to movies, that NY's Subway were always vandalized and always answer to that is .... don't believe what Hollywood always says...
Finally at night, we arrived at Reynold's apartment. The guy was 110% nice since day 1 until the very end of the trip. We decided to start a quick walk and seeing some stores, including a 3-floor Apple store which I was amazed to see something that big...And we ended in the hotel that he used to work having ourselves a great time and a pretty night view of New York City.

Friday-  November 13, 2009
Officially Gaby was on the side lines. He felt bad....which means that a trip to half-city with Frank. We headed first or rather...found out the NY public libray....I was upset that incredibly we couldn't find any big cases of books.

It was a funny day really...At that time we began shooting for the video that at the time on writing this I am checking for any Video editor  and to edit videos. Anyway... we began on getting to a park that I confused with the Central Park one and I found a squirrel...First time in my life I see one there cute actually! Then  we decided to take a break looking at a skate park "The Pond".  For some reason I knew Frank wasn't as excited as I am, and I learned the hard way that skating is not as easy as a roller-blade or anything I have seen on TV. I have to admit tht I fell like 4 times, one landing on my head and I needed to recover like for 5 minutes and another fell make crash with a door and I cut a little my fingers...NICE PAINFUL FUN!!

After that we went to eat a little but instead of a traditional NY pizza...I decided to go with an old fashioned Mc Donald's dinner.

Then finally we arrived at least what I wanted to go most of all. Times Square, NY!!!  It its really why they say that "The city that never sleeps". Always joyful it is the environment that you can feel the first time you arrive there. There was a exhibition of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Really and upset for me because I am a fan of Ripley's. I got to the steps where they use for the New Year's Eve special and I think it was where I could have a great view of Time sqaure. We also went to Toys R'Us which really maded me thinks that growing up was a mistake. The place was so big that there were a big scale of the Chrysler Buiding and th Empire States Building maded out of Lego and Jurrasic Park's T-Rex!  After we where getting ired, we decided to head back to the apartment but before, we just went to the entrance to Central Park and we stopped there. It was really dark and just didn't want to take any chances just for tourism, we decided to head back. Crossing on our way, Frank told me a historical fact...Bill Murray plays in the 80's ib a movie that was a update version of Scrooge version named Scrooged and we just found out the building that was portrait as Murray's character's building. OH how can I forget where Dream Theater's 20th anniversary show went, The Radio City Music Hall, really a big place but couldn't get in...I think there was a christmas show at the time and we coulnd't enter, so that was it for that night.

Saturday Novermber 14, 2009
Let the pics speaks by themselves....


There are many more pics but I have them on Facebook and Myspace and if you wanna see them let me know and add me there.

Sunday Nov 15- Monday Nov 16
Practically I joined these to dates, because actually I was in such pain Sunday that I spend the day sleeping and on the internet...The guys went out, so it was my time to be sidelined. When Monday came by, we all just stood at the apartmente and apparently the sidelined of the day was Frank, due to lack of sleep. I was kinda dissapointed to learn that WWE and World Tag Team Champion Chris Jerico, and Dream Theater's drummer Mike Portnoy were in attendance for sunday show and to make things worst....WWE Raw also in NY at the very same Madison Square Garden....DAMN!!!!

Tuesday Nov 17
We returned!!

Yes...hope you have enjoy it....but unfortunately for me....I had returned to reality.....
Next up will be my Monthly Geeky Vol 2 - Ubuntu
Seeya then


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And Posting For All...

Guess Who???
Hi everyone, it is been a while huh?

Another Trimester went away
I never felt truly relieved that the trimester has ended. For the first time in a while I have felt a little more pressured than before, between stuff that had happened outside the university, etc, I think that it is really kinda frustrating how much work I am seeing as more I progress. I guess that this is how is gonna be until I get done.

Other people's joy and success as motivation
I am happy for a friend and current housemate, Miguel Hernandez. Even though I just know him for a year, (as naturally of me) I got along well with him and everything. But last week where really intense for him, starting with the Fundamental Engineering Exam that he took at that Saturday. The FE it is really a big step after fact, without it, the bachelor is somehow useless. Also he presented his final project knows as "Capstone" in the PUPR  to the Director of Mechanical Engineering department. I hard work that took almost a year of planning, constructing, implementing and testing. I remember that Wednesday night and Thursday morning, stressed rehearsal and preparing for any unprepared questioning as most Engineering Directors and mentors are know for any minor mistake to reject or make any project fail. But Miguel was somehow at ease at the same time, he knew that he couldn't mess up. In the night, a partially drunk Miguel was relaxed because the presentation went up well and he even showed me a video presentation of the project. It just felt nice to know his reaction, because one day, it will be me that I will be presenting  a final project (Still unsure what to do). It was really motivating and a little sentimental as he confesses that in a moment he cried after all the hard job finally paid off.
I am really looking forward for my moment!

After 4 months of struggling, finally Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala finally made my computer to work correctly after a failure on version 8.10 and 9.04 and just given up until the new version came out. In fact, I am writing this using it right now. I am planning on having my Geeky Monthly Vol.2 completely based on Ubuntu.

First time leaving the island to do some tourism and fill my hear with some good heavy, trash metal <^m^

Next week, will mark my first time ever leaving Puerto Rico. I am heading to New York for a 5 day vacation  and a good Saturday night full oh Heavy Metal inside the Madison Square Garden as one of my favorite band and for million of million's other, Metallica.
I know it will be an awesome time as my friends and I were looking for this almost for 2 years and finally it will come to reallity! I pitched the idea on having a documentary-like video divided in "webisodes"  on how four guys will take risk (at least I am taking risk, economically and fraternally) for just a chance to see their heroes in music. We were supposed to record the first of a series of podcast to update how we are planning our craziness, but due to my classes and work, I haven't be able to add any contribution and most likely everything it is halted and were are just a week away for the journey and we haven't sketched anything....But nevertheless, it will be a funny and a hell of a ride. Really I have to thank Frank for this opportunity since he knew that I had never leaved Puerto Rico and he just went on inviting me and taking his onw risk to make my trip less expensive than it supposed to be. Cheers Frank!! Although you got to remember that our lives continues after this week, we are gonna have a hell of a fun!

I will be posting during or after the trip including links for the video.
Take care all!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monthly Geeky Vol. 1

To ease a little up from my last post, I had decided on starting my lengthily planned "Monthly Geeky", were I will be discussing about tech stuff and games. Today I am gonna be focusing at Twitter.

About Twitter...
Twitter is a web-social network focusing on micro-blogging between members and their followers, with messages now as "tweets" with a max of 140 characters (including spaces). Created in 2006 as a result of a brainstorming in a company named Odeo as an idea for introducing a SMS messaging texting service for groups as that type of messaging was catching up at that time.

"We wanted to capture that in the name — we wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you’re buzzing your friend’s pocket. It’s like buzzing all over the world. So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word "twitch," because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But "twitch" is not a good product name because it doesn’t bring up the right imagery. So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word "twitter," and it was just perfect. The definition was "a short burst of inconsequential information," and "chirps from birds." And that’s exactly what the product was."
                                                             -Jack  Dorsey, concept creator

Twitter has been described as akin to a Web-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. The Twitter Web interface uses the Ruby on Rails framework. From the spring of 2007 until 2008 the actual messages were handled by a Ruby persistent queue server called Starling but since 2009 this has been gradually replaced with software written in Scala. The service's API allows other web services and applications to integrate with Twitter. Searches on the system make use of hashtags, words or phrases prefixed with a #. A search for "beer" would turn up all messages that included #beer. Similarly, the @ sign followed by a username allows users to send messages directly to each other. A message with @example would be directed at the user "example" although it can still be read by anyone.
Through SMS, users can communicate with Twitter through five gateway numbers: short codes for the United States, Canada, India, New Zealand, and an Isle of Man-based number for international use. There is also a short code in the United Kingdom which is only accessible to those on the Vodafone and O2 networks.

When Twitter experiences an outage, users see the "fail whale" error message image created by Yiying Lu, an illustration of red birds using nets to hoist a whale from the ocean along with the text ] "Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again."
Twitter experienced approximately 98 percent uptime in 2007, or about six full days of downtime.Twitter's downtime was particularly noticeable during events popular with the technology industry such as the 2008 Macworld Conference & Expo keynote address. During May 2008 Twitter's new engineering team made architectural changes to deal with the scale of growth. Stability issues resulted in down time or temporary feature removal.
In August 2008, Twitter withdrew free SMS services to users in the United Kingdom and for approximately five months instant messaging support via a XMPP bot was listed as being "temporarily unavailable".[44] On October 10, 2008, Twitter's status blog announced that instant messaging (IM) service was no longer a temporary outage and needed to be revamped. Twitter aims to return its IM service at some point but says this requires some major work.
On June 12, 2009, in what was called a potential "Twitpocalypse", the unique identifier associated with each tweet exceeded the limit for 32-bit signed integers. While Twitter itself was not affected, some third-party clients found that they could no longer access recent tweets. Patches were quickly released, though some iPhone applications had to wait for approval from the App Store. On September 22, the identifier exceeded the limit for 32-bit unsigned integers, again breaking some third-party clients.
On August 6, 2009, Twitter and Facebook suffered from a denial-of-service attack, causing the Twitter website to be offline for several hours. It was later confirmed that the attacks were directed at one pro-Georgian user around the anniversary of the 2008 South Ossetia War, rather than the sites themselves.

Ok nice, then what?
I am gonna review some Twitter clients that I had use for at least less than a year since I had discovered Twitter. Twitter clients or applications are software that are specific for a platform (for ex. Apple, Windows, iPhone) and are used for sync with Twitter on the go or when you are busy at work. You will see that it will be kinda balanced on Blackberry because it is my current phone.
On no particular-order....

TwitterBerry is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the data network, so you don't need to use SMS. 

The software it is really accommodated with the Blackberry OS and it is really organize in the menu structure. Quick followers/following pics download and a quick tweet post. Twitpic connectivity isn't that bad.

A tedious process keeping up with updates when you open the timeline after quite time not logging in, making a long journey from the 6th hour's post to the most recent tweet. Also TwitterBerry may have a contradiction on being well attached to Blackberry OS as by almost anything it turn on the alert mode of the phone, can be annoying for quite time. Also it froze my phone a few times.


  ceTwit it is the only Windows Mobile Twitter client that I could use in the short time I had a Moto Q
ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in C# leveraging the .net compact framework. It was created by Vince Koser, Twitter page- >@vkoser .

The client it is really fast and stable, and that's a good thing from a WM ver 5.0. The layout it is kinda 90% the same as Twitter page. The users pics load mostly fast with no failures. Again connectiviti with Twitpic runned smothly with the bonus that it auto-log you at Twitpic.

Echofon was originally know as Twitterfox, a app for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is from the same guys that created the client for MAC and Ipod Touch version.

I love the idea of a Twitter client being as light as a Firefox Extension but efficient as a well-made program. The program auto-update whenever you like and show a mini pop-up whenever a new tweet is available and it doesn't conflict with your internet session.

That their mobile counterparts have ads....


Undoutbly the best Twitter client of 2009...almost

Really balanced environment almost identical to the Twitter homepage. Update real time are smoothly also.

The dedicated server for pic uploading it is private and seems you can't erased it. The Timeline although acurrate not alway loads at 100%. AND THE MOST LOWEST POINT AND MADE ME MOVE ON WAS THE FREAKING ADS...

And Finally my current one...

Upload pictures, keep up with the latest trends and tweet your heart out with the latest ad-free mobile application from Xtreme Labs. It's the first BlackBerry Twitter client that doesn't suck... and it's free! Not a member of Twitter? No worries, our app works even if you don't have a twitter account =) Visit this website on your BlackBerry to download TwiXtreme.

Faster on anything. The Menu are organized and not messing with the OS architecture. The software runs really fast and not messy like TwitterBerry.

Seems that I have to wait to next update for a better connectivity with Twitpic.

Well, hope to be informative.
Take Care